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Computer Specific Tips

In the top left hand screen of the screen (above the logo) it has US, UK or Metric, if you do not set this it will display in US figures - this is per computer, not per user profile !

User Profile Tips

Set the time offset in your profile (+8 hours for the UK)

Set your country

Vehicle Profile Tips

If you check the car's profile you can set whether you log by miles covered, or by the total miles on the clock.

You can also set your car to track by litres / US gallons and Miles / Kilometers

You need to edit your car's profile to include both manufacturer and the model (if your pride and joy is not listed you will need to record it as 'Other' the put the name into the next 'Model' box that appears.

When I helped Rich I ended up removing his original entries and re keying them - I would STRONGLY recommend checking what units are used before having too many entries !!!

Fill Up Tips

For those who retrospectively add fill ups be warned, if you get an error message the date will revert to today's, if you don't spot it then you will need to edit the damn thing

Don't try to get clever and bulk together fillups to make a big one - I learned that the hard way when I entered Hippo's details - guess which clever clogs had to rekey the bloody lot to get the details displaying correctly.

For values of 102.9 etc key them in as 1.029

Browse Vehicle Tips

It takes 3 fill ups to get a score and appear in the general vehicle search.

Should your pride and joy not appear in the list of vehicles or if you have another questions you can send a message here - http://www.fuelly.com/contact/ Paul is very good at responding.

Find a User Tips

If you need to search for another member you need to go to your dashboard (home)

'Find a user' is under the All Options header near the bottom of the screen, using that you can either enter a name or a location to search (it will work on partial names)

Adding a friend will make them appear as one of your friends, you will not appear as one of their friends until they accept you as a friend (they should have received an email to let them know you added them)

How to get the banner into your signature

From your Fuelly Profile go to the Vehicle Profile

Down the bottom left you will see your Fuelly Badge, click on it You will see in the banner image boxes with some code,in that code will be the digit number (squirriles is 20869)

Paste the following code [fuelly=uk]00000[/fuelly] into your FF signature (where 00000 is your vehicle's code number)

Use 'fuellys' rather than 'fuelly' in the above code if you want the small banner

If you still need help please holler - Trev





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